Your *one best tip* for launching PH

Gilad Uziely
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Hey makers, Looking to get some insights from experienced hunters and makers. What is the most important thing (just one) you have to do before and/or on the day you launch on PH?


Ruben Wolff
If you want your product to get attention on the launch date, you gotta have your community ready to support you, so work on it intensely
Gilad Uziely
@rubenwolff Thank you! Any tips/best practices here?
Ruben Wolff
@gilad_uziely in all honesty I can't say I have everything figured out on this point, because it's not going bad but it's just very slow haha So I'm just trying to be useful and share as much as I can when it's needed, and participate actively in my community's life on social media
Alice Rodgers
prepare redbull for these amazing 24 hours)
Isabel Nyo
Timing is everything! I've found that 1 - 4am (PST) launches worked the best for me.
Debajit Sarkar
Be active on the Product Hunt platform before the launch to gather a good following and support base on the platform. You can use the Makers community to discuss your product and share anything that might be useful to the community.
Daniel Kyne
Agreed with @rubenwolff - I learned the hard way that the real key to success on Product Hunt means already having a giant user base. I've launched twice on Product Hunt, first time we didn't have a great product but sat on the front page for 2 days because we drove our entire network to vote for us, second time we had a way better product but didn't do the same community push and we were lost below the fold within 30 minutes. If Product Hunt really wanted to enable the best products to rise to the top, it would use a grid/randomized order for the first 1-2 hours of the day before going for ranked order so that it levelled the playing field for earlier-stage teams imo... 🤷‍♂️
Johannes Grenzemann
@rubenwolff @daniel_kyne sth. that I‘ve too, more than once. You need to bring some friends to the party by yourself… Beyond that statements differ greatly. Some say you just need own Followers at the beginning for the first pusg, others say you need them throughout launch day…
Xandi Haas
Post at exactly 12:01 AM PST
Veronika Nesheva
Great one @gettersgrow! When we analysed the results of our first launch this was by far one of the biggest mistakes we made.
Xandi Haas
@veronica_nesheva Interesting, what else went wrong? Will do my first launch this week...
Natalie Karakina
Сonduct an online broadcast on the day of the launch on Twitter/Medium :) Publish launch on Reddit
Veronika Nesheva
All of the above + direct outreach on the day to the community you have already built. In our case, this includes: twitter, email, linkedIn and a bunch of slack&discord communities we have identified and engaged with ( ps. we did this manually the first few times to learn how to optimise it going forward, but you can totally pre-schedule and automate the reach outs). Downside to this is you would have a few more channels to monitor on launch day.
Veronika Nesheva
The thing with PH is that you need PH users to engage with your launch, so you either need to target relevant audience that is already are active on PH or get your users/supporters etc to join PH and support you on the day. One good ( but paid) way of doing it, which I only realised exists after a few launches, is to use PH's ship tool: the weeks prior to the launch you can get your audience (irrespective to whether they are on PH or not) to engage with your product and potentially subscribe for updates. In this way they 1. will already have all of the details and 2. should get an email on the day about your launch, so you can minimise the amount of direct outreach channels you need to drive& monitor on the day
Sarah Mooney
UGH! Please help! I just launched today, and I need support.
Gilad Uziely
Thank you all for the great tips, tricks and comments ❤️ We are live on PH now: Please support
Sofia Polonska
Plan! you must start preparation 3 month before)
Julia Doronina
@tasha_dziatkovskaya Really? 3 month?? I read that for some teams it took only 1 week with the great results.