📬 Email Marketing 📬 Advice needed 🙏

Gilad Uziely
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Over the past months we have engaged with over 10,000 freelancers through our webinars and other resources so I have a fairly big list of targeted, engaged and relevant emails. We haven't done much with it so far and now we want to start using it to support our a launch strategy. Was wondering: 1. What are the must read articles? 2. What are the tools you guys are using? Is Mail-chimp recommended or should I check out something else? Thanks!


Sailors Ink
Well if you have that many on your email list I would recommend Klaviyo. In my opinion it is the best e-mail marketing tool :)
Gilad Uziely
@sailorsink Thanks! Looking at it now. Would love to hear (if/when you have time) why you think it's the best? Is there a unique feature others don't have? Thanks again!
Alex Papageorge
I'd start off by asking what your goal is with the emails? Beyond supporting the launch, what do you want them to do? Or is it just content drip?
Gilad Uziely
@alex_papageorge Hey Alex :) We want to: 1 - get their feedback as we build our product 2 - Get them excited pre-launch 3 - convert them into the first users for our beta
Alex Papageorge
@gilad_uziely Got it. I'd suggest Lemist (under 100 emails) but with 10k, I'd agree with mailchimp but checkout mailerlite. That's a cheaper alternative. - For feedback, check out typeoform (if you haven't already) - Solid! Just map it out ahead of time (3-8 weeks), offering rewards has worked well too - Well my friend, 3 is result of 1+2 :)
I think that you need to think about some social marketing and ways to make your business more widespread. I suggest you to read https://livedune.com/blog/compar... which is helping to reach more views, subscribers and can help to analyze your work in general.
Henry Dobson
Give genuine insights, don't default to promotional content. Try to blend the two together. Be genuine and concise. As for the tool, Mailchimp is affordable and when it works, it works great but sometimes it can let you down. I've used it over 2 years now and times we couldn't login or schedule a campaign would happen often.
Gilad Uziely
@henry_dobson Thanks. What do you think about just sharing the process of building our new product through emails?