⌛ If you could turn back time, what would you NOT do when launching on Product Hunt?

Elise Cannon
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No great success is ever achieved without failure. The best way to learn is from your mistakes. The fastest way to learn is from others mistakes.


Angela Hoover
Hi Elise, love the subheading text! For the next time, I will NOT wait till later in the day to post! I'll follow PH guidelines for a successful launch, which say posting 12:01 am PST (or no later than 9am PST) is good to get maximum exposure. I'd also consider scheduling my post ahead of time, to take away some of the stress right beforehand! Hope this helps :) https://blog.producthunt.com/how...
Elise Cannon
Thanks @angela_hoover, this is super helpful! Just came across the schedule in advance feature - definitely going to use this.
Ruben Wolff
We launched our product corepo.org when it was still at a very very early stage of conception. It was far from being ready, but we were too excited about it. Now we are taking time to fix bugs, add features, make it visually more appealing than it used to be.
Elise Cannon
@rubenwolff the excitement is real! We've had some testers on the app for a little while so very much hoping we've caught most of the bugs. Will you relaunch?
Ruben Wolff
@elise_sadu oh absolutely, probably in August or early September. When are you going to launch yours? :)
Yamparala Rahul
Thinking product hunt as just a publisher of products, but equally trying to use it as a social platform