LinkedIn Sales: LeadGen forms vs. landing page conversion campaigns

Sarah Jordi
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Hi all! We're exploring a b2b option for our product and I'm A/B testing some ads on LinkedIn to generate leads for our sales team. So far I tend to believe that ad campaigns with a LinkedIn Lead Generation form seem to perform much better than campaigns leading the users to our b2b landing page and hoping they will convert from there. What are your experiences and insights? Would love to learn from others, who have used LinkedIn for b2b lead gen. 😊


Debajit Sarkar
If you're just getting started with LinkedIn and need to collect data quickly, then it makes sense to start with lead generation forms so you have more data to optimize towards as you ramp up. However, from what I've experienced so far, Lead generation forms typically generate a bigger volume of lower-quality front-end leads at a lesser cost. On the other hand, landing page leads are normally more expensive, but they are of higher quality on the back end and lead to lower cost per opportunities.
Hi, LeadGen forms work better in term of conversion, but you don't get good tracking. If your landing page is well done, I'd go for landing pages: much more insights. PS: we're live today with Plezi One (currently #3), and landing pages are coming soon in the product ;) Would love to get your feedback on it!