Work/Life balance tips when you run a startup

Pablo Palmitas
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I've recently launched a product. The process was smooth and I've so much fun building it. But then there were also sleepless nights, anxiety, sleeping pills and fatigue. Now I feel like my inner strengths are hitting their limits. So I'd like to ask how do you balance between Work/Life when you're at a startup? What are your tips to relax or know-hows how to make this process less pressuring?


Manoj Ranaweera
Sleeping pills? Work-Life balance is a myth if you are a tech founder. Don't worry about it too much. All of us work very long hours. It's the nature of it. Accept it. Accept "sleepless nights, anxiety, sleeping pills and fatigue" is all part of the journey. Also remember (unless you take venture capital), you are your own boss. Join a community of like-minded individuals. In the UK, I operate - a trusted founder network. I find it therapeutic to #BuildInPublic
Rajat Dangi 🛠️
I'd suggest that you include a few activities in your week that are away from work and also good for your mental and physical health. For me, it is workout at a gym 5 days a week and taking care of all the house plants for a few hours in the weekend.