What are your tricks of falling asleep quickly?

Pablo Palmitas
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I have been struggling with falling asleep lately with all the pre-launch stress getting to me. Do you have any proven sleep recipes (no pills obviously) :)


Ezra At ComplYant
Avoid being on your phone one hour before bed. If you meditate or pray, try and do that before getting under the covers as a way of calming your mind!
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
I usually visit my "happy place" untill I get asleep!
Johnny Fekete
it might sound silly but I watch ASMR videos. They are somehow calm and relaxing, and they really get my brain ready to sleep in 5-10 minutes 😴
Guided meditations!
Pablo Palmitas
@enderm sounds great, I have heard so much about the positive impact of meditations, have to try it out finally
Anil Meena
Just keep your phone away from you and read a book!!
Pablo Palmitas
@anil_meena21 oh yes, the phone is the first sleep-taker
Mahak from Outgrow
listening to slow songs, thinking about the things you want to do tomorrow, writing poems, or reading a book: for me, one of these four helps me to sleep faster.
Pablo Palmitas
@mahak great tips, thanks! Have to start doing some of that
Marilyn Plummer
My trick is a patch from https://feelzing.com/blogs/news/... . It uses a proprietary waveform to stimulate nerves of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
Emily Harris
Controlled deep breathing. Meditation. Visualization. Progressive muscle relaxation. Set up a 'worry time' before bed.
Nick Bess
I also usually avoid taking meds and prefer using natural ways to fall asleep (having checked the Canadian Pharmacy site and read the info about sleeping pills there, I decided not to take them). Here is what works for me: - keeping my bedroom quiet, dark, and cool at night - avoiding caffeine during the day (I can have one cup of coffee with milk early in the morning) - a walk in the evening - eating smaller meals more often and eating earlier - drinking more water - a warm bath - avoiding devices at least two hours before going to bed - reading