How to take care of mental health before/after launch?

Pablo Palmitas
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How do you keep your mental health in check when before/after the launch? It's weird to admit but I have all these kinds of negative thoughts and some depression signs before our launching and I don't know how to cope with it.


Everett Berry
Good question. I actually think that you have to anticipate success in order to have success. But that also means you can have a bitter letdown. I think the highs and lows are natural and the best response is just to feel those emotions fully and move on.
Pablo Palmitas
@everett_berry that's a great point, thanks! I guess the burden of succeeding can be too much in today's business climate and the reality check is often neglected. That leads to high expectations without a protection mechanism in case of the fall.
Maciej Cupial
I would suggest organizing your routine every day. It should not be any significant difference if you launch or not. Stay healthy every day :)
Mitchell Orme
Expectation setting was something that our team was really clear about. We knew that the work undergone in the week leading up to the launch would need to be really strong. We knew that we had to keep the energy levels, recovery, and sleep staggered and tapered for the actual launch date. As a team we had a good schedule for the launch day, and planned recovery for the next couple of days.
Pablo Palmitas
@mitchell_orme expectation setting is an amazing approach, thanks for sharing your story! Really appreaciate it
Alina Ihnatiuk
Be sure to arrange yourself a rest, go for a massage, for example. Spend the day with loved ones or friends. Take time for personal interests, sleep well.
Pablo Palmitas
@antonovna great advice! I think the rest and sleep are so so underrated. It's all hustle culture and hustle culture is 24/7. Shouldn't be like that for sure
Teresa B
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Inspired Madness
Honestly, being with my loved ones to help lift each other up. I just released a game with my boyfriend and it was hard on both of us when we didn't get much traction the first game. He isn't very patient, but I have always been optimistic. We balance each other out when we need it. Even if our launch is successful or a failure, we have each other!
Eric Cartman
I was very worried about my health myself. I remember when I had problems with high anxiety, it was really just a nightmare. But luckily I was able to find good therapists who helped me get my anxiety down. And I started with this analysis of the anxiety , I highly recommend reading if you, too, have similar problems. Good luck!