Have you ever tried to literally work out of the beach? Workation pros/cons

Pablo Palmitas
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I am considering a workation to one of the tropical countries and wondered what your experience is, pros/cons, what to consider before moving. I thought of 3-4 months in a beach bungalow


never tried it in tropical countries, just hot places in Europe and Australia, but the beach never worked for me: sweaty palms while typing, the sun reflecting on the screen. However, if you don't plan to work directly under the sun (or near the pool) but rather in a closed, air-conditioned space, it can totally work 🏝 and you can enjoy the good weather in your off time
Pablo Palmitas
@johnnyfekete great, thanks for the feedback! did you feel homesick in the process or it was all smooth?
@pablo_palmitas homesick not really, but I never went alone. However, as far as I know in popular digital nomad locations there are plenty of individuals, everyone eager to make new friends (again, I haven't tried that one)
Evelina Radoycheva
I've worked from a beach bungalow on an island in Thailand. Just make sure the internet connection is stable especially if your work requires it. People don't expect you to work from there but to check your email at the most. So often the speed is slow. I personally was lucky to stay in a place with relatively fast wifi. Other than that, the mosquitoes are the most annoying thing. And the sand, it's everywhere.
Ana Dodig
I have tried this summer in Croatia, and bad idea. The beach definitely it's not a productive place for me. It was like I was in some prison. So close to the sea but enable to enjoy it. Maybe it is okay if you are living there, but if you are there for month or two, and someone like me who adores swimming and summer it's impossible to focus and do some efficient work.
Alex Harris
Yes, multiple times in Greece and I absolutely love it!
Jacqueline Jones
As a Global Citizen traveling the world I can absolutely say you can get work done from the beaches of the world. The beach is a creative space. If you are a creator you will thrive in a beach setting. If your working is internet dependent working from a beach bungalow maybe difficult. Which means you get your work done where internet is stable and reliable and enjoy the beach on your downtime. Take the plunge and enjoy those 3-4 months in a beach bungalow.
Yes! Multiple times But taking group calls on the beach (not from the beach bungalow/ cafe) can sometimes become frustrating with background noise, slow internet, etc. Otherwise, it's a great way to get your creative juices flowing.