Which tool do you use to manage content in your organization?

Rashika Ahuja
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Nazim @Koinju
this is an excellent question. We tried many things but I would say that the question is not really to choose a tool but rather to see for which type of job you need it. We use notion.so but in the end as the team is mostly composed of devs at koinju.io, we had to switch to markup content with gitbook. We chose a tool that is close to those used every day by the majority of the team. Comfort is a priority
Rashika Ahuja
@nazim_m Currently, even we are using Notion, but it gets difficult sometimes while providing microcopies for the designs build by the team. Then everything has to work in an agile fashion. We used Abstract by preparing a collection and then providing screen-by-screen content to the designer, but sometimes we lost the content. So we switched to Notion.
Nazim @Koinju
@rashikaahuja pretty interesting. How to you organize the process inside notion ? Do you use list for your collections and basic kanban view with the designer ?
Rashika Ahuja
@nazim_m Correct and then link them further with the change management tool they use; in our case, it is Abstract.
Peter Oehler
May I recommend our own product? Hypernotes It can help organization manage content/knowledge in a way that's similar to our brain. That being said, you won't have to waste time in finding your organization information anymore, as everything is connected wisely. :)) Have a look!
Nazim @Koinju
@peter_oehler2 i just checked, look awesome. Is it possible to import some markup content like notion pages ?
Matthew Johnson
We use Notion as well. But like everything else I use Notion for, I'm always looking for a better tool for the job.
Rashika Ahuja
I am intending to find something which will help me collaborate easily with my design team (in terms of content.)
@rashikaahuja would you be interested in a catch-up call Rashika?This is Nilova from Qinaps - a networked note taking application for delivering flexible documents.
Bilal Chaglani
Notion! We've built a company home page on it and it has everything from "Product Roadmap" to the "Sales Proposals"
Slava Bobrov
I used to work with Atlassian Confluence, it fits well for large corporate projects where a lot of pages can be created/updated every day, especially if you have the whole Atlassian package (Jira, Bitbucket etc.) I switched to Notion as it is faster, more user-friendly and I think it's more suitable for startup teams.