Any comments on this unpredictable NFT boom?

Rashika Ahuja
14 replies


Bilal Chaglani
Sorry I don't know what NFT is, can you tell more about it?
Rashika Ahuja
@bilal_chaglani No Problem, even I learned about it recently. Here you go; I think the below article can help you understand better. I shared it with my team as well.
I love it. I've been following the space for the while and am superr giddy about all the excitement it's stirring up now. You'll be able to authenticate true collectible pieces, whether art or "Pokemon cards", port them into the metaverse (think Ready Player One), and it could even help declutter the world keeping things purely digital. It also allows a lot of creatives to share their creations in a new way while distributing it more easily + still claim royalties for any sales afterwards. It's a really cool space and it'll be exciting to see how it evolves.
Rashika Ahuja
@gabe__perez True! For me t's a great space to actually explore how talented people are across the globe. And after what happened with Nyan cat, I was flabbergasted.
Dan Rockwell
It'll take root, it abides by the new meme-thing rules it feels like. Tho theres a ton of noise. Odds are 4-8 platforms will be legit in the end.
Rashika Ahuja
@floozyspeak I second that too. And this statement 'Odds are 4-8 platforms will be legit in the end.' makes a lot of sense to me.
Hey! Been following NFTs since they shot into limelight recently and also heard of a designer who made quite a shilling by selling his designs as NFTs. It's super interesting, would love to know, though, how these collectables are in the long run. I mean it just feels preposterous to me that a kitty should be valued at $200,000 XD
Rashika Ahuja
@yeshaswini Haha, True! And the designer that you are talking about is @amritpaldesign. I love his work.
Benoit Chambon
It will help crypto and distributed-consensus protocols adoption. Users don't adopt technique, they adopt its application.
Nazim @Koinju
i saw that Jack Dorsey is offering to sell the first tweet as an NFT, what's your opinion ?
Rashika Ahuja
@nazim_m It seems he is doing it for a good purpose, but I believe at least some things should be left untouched (just for artists and creators.)
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