Hey PH Community, How are you handling the Monday Blues?

Rashika Ahuja
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Samir Rashed
Handing it by launch new products😁
Jan Mazurek
Monday Blues? What is Monday Blues? I am happy to recover during weekend and get straight to work
Rashika Ahuja
@jan_mazurek Oh, there is, sometimes there is an entire week of Monday Blues :D Especially, when you have worked over the weekends, but I love my work so just trying to bug the team around :D
Alexa Vovchenko
@jan_mazurek @rashikaahuja "there is an entire week of Monday Blues" - XDDDD true story
Jan Mazurek
@rashikaahuja if you work during weekend you should have at least Monday off. Whenever you work overhours take that time back like leaving work earlier or as day off asap. Do it always and your boss / client / coworkers will respect you. Your time is most valueable thing you have just after your life. For some people this is hardest lesson to learn when they start career.
Rashika Ahuja
@jan_mazurek You are right! It’s just working with a start-up comes along with a lot more responsibility, and sometimes you just do it to make everything work. But I must say you quoted it really well, and it is difficult to say no.
Elysha Tonge
Shortening my to-do list to a couple of things, allowing myself to take breaks if i'm not making any progress and taking it easy :)
Alexa Vovchenko
@elysha_cmt absolutely agree with this, just be kinder to yourself. I'm actually doing the same
Meng Wee Tan
@elysha_cmt so true. depressed when my do list expands and happy when it's shortened
Alex Leroy
Drink a lot of coffee.
Coffee, making a to do list for the week :)
Dimitris Karavias
Attended an online meetup and my company standup, both with people I like. Got my tasks sorted so there's no confusion in my day. Now I'm wearing a super comfy hoodie, drinking my coffee, watching the storm outside and seeing what some amazing people are making on Product Hunt before going back to my work. Life's good when you appreciate it.
Rashika Ahuja
@dkaravias Oh, yes it is good :D It's like Monday - First day, Tuesday - Second day, Wednesday - Wat, When Huh?, Thursday - 3rd day, and then there is Friday :D
Sebastian Potcher
Prepare some nice Yerba mate. Make to do list for the week.
Vio Vanica
Starting it with a run and a cold shower, doing the list of tasks I planned yesterday and try to measure how productive I am on each of those tasks to actually see how much I am able to do in a day without any distractions.
Rashika Ahuja
@viorica_vanica Wow! I think I shall be doing the same from following Monday, prepping my way ahead :D
Some good Lo-Fi :)
Rashika Ahuja
@gabe__perez Haha, I am sure you have good taste in music? Your Spotify playlist, please :D
@rashikaahuja I actually use YouTube quite a bit for this, here's a good one
Rashika Ahuja
@gabe__perez This is so soothing. Thanks for sharing it.
Slava Bobrov
TGIM is the new TGIF 😎, let's rock!
Sarah Jordi
Even though I love my job, I still often get the Monday Blues 😬 But one thing that has helped me is starting my work day only at around 9am (I usually work late anyways) and then use a full hour in the morning for coffee and a yoghurt in bed. :) Sounds so simple but it somehow gives me so much peace to start the day slowly 😌
Sarah Jordi
Oh and maybe for some people it adds stress, but I like to take 30-60min on late Sunday afternoon to prep my upcoming week. Just knowing what I want to tackle the next morning kinda helps me approaching Monday a bit more relaxed.
Rashika Ahuja
@sarahxjo No, you are right. I do that too so that I don't feel overwhelmed during the first day of a fresh week :)
Sheiryl Jose
Reading this kind of content so I could try it the next weekend ;) Haha + REPORTS AND UPDATES https://lessandra.com.ph/blog/20...
Devanand Premkumar
If your really excited and passionate about what your becoming, rather than what you want, then I strongly believe these pesky issues of Monday blues will never be in your life. Dream big. Do great things. Help others. Be mindful. The reward is in the journey and not in the destination.
Ugo B
It took me 2 days to reply hahaha, that's give you my POV on Mondays :) By the way we just launch our BUYZOOKA product Iin PH few days ago, if you can support us or at least have look, you'll make my week sweeter! Cheers everyone!
Fajar Siddiq
Oh! just drink coffee, get things done
Ryan A. Hamilton
"We Are What We Think", so your day is really determined by your "thoughts", which will ultimately determine your 'emotions' and how you 'feel'. The key is to train your mind in advance with hope-filled, grateful, positive thoughts, so you wake up in the morning with clear focus for your goals for the day. It's all a Battlefield in the Mind. Our thoughts (Positive or Negative) will ultimately determine how productive your day will be. I have a list of motivational and positive things that I read every morning, which keeps me enthusiastic, optimistic and driven from the word go. Choose Hope-filled Positive Thoughts as soon as you 'feel' the Monday blues :)
Richard Fang
I usually go to a cafe to handle it 😊
Meng Wee Tan
Get a good breakfast :)