Which startups will be ones to watch in 2021? πŸš€

Jamil Luketic
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As 2020 comes to an end, share your predictions on which startups will be the ones to watch in 2021 and why.


Benas Bitvinskas
This 2021 year will be a purely great year for sales. Last year was a great example and a glimpse of what's coming this year. As even more businesses convert to digital and users all around the world are getting more comfortable paying via the website - no better background for startups related to sales, data, conversions. If interested to accelerate your business growth in 2021, I would suggest following my journey w Atlasmic startup (https://atlasmic.com) πŸš€
Adam Probst
https://github.com/maiot-io/zenml :-) Opensource MLOps framework for reproducible ML
Elliot Fertal
I think the thing to watch will be collaboration platforms, there's a huge niche for smaller companies who don't fit what Microsoft serves!
Patrick Sullivan
I'd bet on at least a few digital "community building" products being big in 2021. The area that Clubhouse kinda kicked off.
Claire Luchetta
Can't say I'm objective, but in this fast-paced world I would definitely look into time saving softwares in 2021 Ponicode Dogstring
Jan-Joachim MΓΌller
https://thebaite.com There will be too much content generated in 2021 as well therefore reducing this burden in a sophisticated manner could really help people.
Arushi Saxena
This is a great topic! Actually one of the companies featured on PH today, Premoney List (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), curates and features up-and-coming seed-stage and pre-Series A startups....with the goal of connecting them to investors and even customers. Check it out!
Hannah S Kim
Missapplied Sciences- their parallel reality technology is wild.
Prerna Bagree
Since the entire world is moving towards digital things, I think companies providing digital solutions will be in high run in 2021. ProCreator (https://procreator.design/) is one of them. It is an award-winning UI/UX Design agency in Mumbai, focusing on establishing an end to end product solution; everything from product design to development.
Vageta San
It successfully combines work at home and the office, and in certain circumstances, it allows them to choose which days they want to interact with coworkers in person. https://www.genera.cl/finiquito-...
Thomas Shelby
The agency's PPC team is skilled optidigital in developing and managing ad campaigns that provide leads and conversions of the highest calibre.