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Hey everyone, we're thrilled to have Clubhouse featured on Product Hunt! If you have any questions please ask them here, would love to tell you more about Clubhouse and what we're up to.
I love my pal Eddie a true web original thought leader who is on to something as always. Congrats on launch
@mboyle - I like the design. What categories or types of communities have you seen get the most traction? Is that what you expected?
@rrhoover we got our start in music/entertainment so our game is pretty strong in fanclubs for performing artists. One of our most active communities is for Dada Life, an EDM duo from Sweden. I'd love to see podcasters and original content creators use Clubhouse to publish their own apps, build communities around their work, and monetize with our commerce modules.
Clubhouse is like Slack for consumers meets Squarespace for apps. They make it really easy to create online communities with chat, activity feeds, events, and more. You can also publish communities as their own individual mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the web.
I've been considering starting up a Slack Community for a niche group of people around my latest venture. While Slack looks great for a demographic like PH, I realize it may not be for my not so tech scene and am looking around for options. Can you talk more about: 1. The commerce modules 2. Curation/Moderation tools 3. API?
@noinput thanks for commenting! 1) What would you like to know? The current commerce modules we have are subscriptions, event ticketing, and on-demand merchandise. 2) Clubhouse supports "roles"; when you create a community you're automatically assigned the "admin" role which gives you moderation ability. You can assign that role to other members as well. 3) One of our goals is to have a full, rich API. We're going to be rolling out API stuff over the coming weeks as it gets a little more stable. Would love to hear thoughts about what kinds of things you'd like to do with an API, though.