Which partnership helped your product grow?

David T. Kim
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We work in a unique edtech space that most people aren't familiar with yet. That means more partnerships with schools and students. They've helped us validate and test ideas and features. And now we are looking for new opportunities. What are some of your most successful partnerships that helped shape your product and grow? Looking to pick your brains. 🧠


Helene Auramo
I'm happy to help you. :) We are also working with students but have built a network of people ready to help, do sparring and mentoring (and also to found board members). I think there are many great minds available, you just need to find the people with same values, interests and entrepreneurial mindset. Ping me if you would like me to introduce you to my contacts. :)
David T. Kim
@helene_auramo Hi Helene. Apologies for this late comment. My wife and I just had our first baby boy and I wasn't able to log online for a while! I completely agree that there are great minds kind and generous as you. Will pick up on your offer and reach out to connect when the time is right!
Daniel Rongo
Hey David, edTech space is a field that I'm fairly familiar with. I was deeply involved until a couple of years ago. Have you though of product-led partnerships? Integrating with a related product that works with academic institutions, and having the right commercial tie in place, can do wonders. There was an edTech infrastructure service that does exactly that. Think like Zapier for schools. They serve many schools, but I can't recall their name at the moment. Good luck!
David T. Kim
@daniel_rongo Hi Daniel. Product-led partnerships do provide value instantly! I'll search for the "Zapier for schools" product that you mentioned for reference. Sorry for the late reply! As I've said in the above comment, just had a baby boy!
Sune B. Thorsen
For me, it hasn't so much been a direct partnership as it has been Reddit as a platform. I've gained lots of insights from interacting with people on a sub-Reddit that relates to the industry my product is in. I've also posted about the product (because it solves a big issue the people in those communities have), and have gained lots of great feedback that way. Just don't break any Reddit rules <3
Madeleine Kirchof
@sunebthorsen How did you find your subgroup on Reddit? New to it :)
Caroli Schmitt
@sunebthorsen @madeleine_kirchof there are a number of great subreddits about startups. When I first started my reddit research, I bookmarked the most responsive and good ones. If you still need it, I can try to find and send it to you. I can also add that r/startups is the biggest one. But on my opinion it is over moderated. Even if you don't post any links or self-promotion, they can remove your post or even ban you without any explanations.
Sune B. Thorsen
@sunebthorsen @madeleine_kirchof Sorry about the slowpoke reply - still getting used to ProductHunt's notification system, hehe :) I actually just searched google for "[industry] sub-reddits". I think there are relevant sub-Reddits for most b2c products, and for some b2b products too (although the latter more rarely).
Sune B. Thorsen
@sunebthorsen @madeleine_kirchof @caroli_schmitt Good point about the moderation / content policies of various sub-Reddits. Also, unless your customers are other startups, you probably won't get much value out of posting on places like r/startups (might sound obvious).
David T. Kim
@sunebthorsen Hey Sune. I agree that Reddit is a great place to validate and refine the product's value. Some Reddit users go above and beyond if you're honest, transparent and passionate about the cause that they care about.
musa usman
Collaborating with social media influencers is a way to leverage free market. There is a great opporunity to cut cost for start up by engaging influencers with thousands of followers instead of paying marketing agency. Also building Cambus Ambassors across colleges made a diffierence.
Meng Wee Tan
Marketing agency, eg Launchboom
Collaborating with bloggers, realy helped us get our first user registrations.