How much does "LUCK" play into your start-up success?

David T. Kim
8 replies
What do you think is the right proportion of luck that plays into your start-up success? 🤔 Some say that products that went to change the world were born at the right time and the right moment. There's even a TED talk about a study that researched this and concluded as "luck/timing". That might be why same product ideas that failed a few years ago, might be successful today. What's your take? 🤓


Mohammed Imthathullah
Luck does play a role but you can't quantify it, because it is just random. But you have you have plan and work on improving the product before and after luck plays its role. Otherwise you will be shutting down soon.
Valentin Radu
You need skill to buy a BMW, you need luck to become a millionaire. So I guess it depends on your definition of success.
Reema Maarouf
I personally do not consider myself successful if it was brought to me through luck. Therefore, it's all effort.
I don't think that luck can be objectively evaluated or do any serious research on this topic. Luck is unpredictable. For some, this is just a combination of circumstances. For some, this is something cosmic. I don't think that it is possible to describe it rationally. Some of my friends really found good luck after purchasing Thai amulets like here, although some people were born lucky from childhood. I think we should all be grateful that we were lucky to be born as people, not cockroaches. And for the fact that we live in the 21st century and not the 12th.