What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

David T. Kim
7 replies
2020 is almost coming to a close. With only 10 days left to Thanksgiving, do you have any special plans? I love meeting my family, even though some of them are weird and obnoxious. The gathering brings a chaotic peace to my mind. But... with a startup, baby, and million other things going on, I'm not sure if emptying my calendar for a couple days is such a good idea. What about you?


Hugo P.
No special plan, will remain @home with close family :)
Yuliia Mamonov πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Will celebrate it remotely, with family scattered around the globe. 2020 has its own way of helping people celebrate holidays this year :)
Anxo Armada
We are not used to celebrating Thanksgiving in Spain, but without a doubt it is a special moment that you should take advantage of. One day working in your startup means nothing compared with one day with your entire family ;) I am working on Kudu right now, so our plan for these days will be to keep improving before publishing it in PH. The main thing about Kudu is to make it easy meet at any time, not only special events :) If you have some interest, we have set a PH Ship landing here https://www.producthunt.com/upco.... All feedback and recommendations are welcome!
Demi Yang
I hope that people understand that it is better if their family members choose not to travel this year. I live on a different continent from the rest of my family, and it'll be the first year I miss Thanksgiving with them (it's my favorite holiday). Thankfully, I have some American friends here that I'm doing a Friendsgiving with, so I'm excited to have at least that.