Reduce your workload. Do you have a not-to-do list for 2021?

David T. Kim
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If you don't, that should be your goal for the new years. I'm having my first baby (boy) in January 2021. One of my teammates told me that if I continue the current path of "hustle until my head hurts" in 2021, I might not be able to see my baby grow up. I'm not old, but with the passing of Tony Hsieh, his advice felt more real than ever before. So, I've been spending a lot of time in the morning, creating and refining a "not-to-do list" for 2021. And it's created a clear picture of what I shouldn't pursue to maximize chance of the startup. Here's the list 1. Don't write a novel (So many ideas...) 2. Don't practice basketball (Already on a crazy plan to work out) 3. Don't try to read too many book (It's better to 100% understand a worthy book at this point) 4. Don't consume too much info. Most are garbage. What's your list?


Mukhtar Mohamoud
Congratulations! That's a super important point, the hustle hard till you can't mentality isn't the best option for your mental health. I think its best if you normalise having a break or time blocked out for no screen time. For my not-to-do list. It's essentially blocking out time in the evening for myself and family. Where I can do what I want and not feel guilty for it!
David T. Kim
@mukhtarmohamoud Having that family time is so essential Mukhtar. Do you often compromise when emergency comes up? ie) Core features not working.
Mukhtar Mohamoud
@david_t_kim oh definitely! There has been moments where I had to fire up the laptop again to fix something but I think that just comes with the field. The beauty is not seeing it as work but something that I enjoy doing :D - makes it easier.
David T. Kim
@abarba Great. Which one is at the top?
Anthony Barba
@david_t_kim Well No.1 is personal and embarrassing... how about number 2? :)
I accepted that if I'm not interested in a book, it's ok to not finish it. I don't have a not-to-do-list, but a list of ideas I'm not tackling. I'm also ok with starting something and not finishing it (e.g., I do Krav Maga, but I'm not gonna put in the effort to reach level E5. P3 would be great, P5 awesome). As a parent of several kids, enjoy the time when your child sleeps a lot. Use those periods to rest. Don't just work.
Khalid Belghiti
I don't know if it's a good thing to have a not-to-do list "behaviouraly" speaking, as things we're not supposed to do will still keep some headspace if we list them somewhere (need a neurologist or psychologist to confirm this :) ) + it's proven that's it's better to focus on what we want to achieve and not on what we don't want (I can try to find the source of the study). Personally I prefer to focus on what I should do: 3 or 4 big objectives per quarter, 1 big task per day + few small low focus ones, 2 or 3 daily rituals (sport, read...)... If I still have time after that I'm free to do whatever I want :)
Michel Gagnon
Congrats @david_t_kim ! Having kids is an opportunity to really up your effectiveness game. Having two kids taught me to only work on what will move the needle. As Tim Ferriss once wrote. "most things don't matter." My not-to-list: - Don't speculate in meetings (just get the info/data or postpone) - Don't launch a new project/tactic/feature without removing something first
Nachiket Patel
Oh. It's a good thought to filter out the "unimportant" things. I will surely practice this and create my not-to-do list for 2021. Thanks for this 👍
Sy Hong
Congrats oh your baby boy @david_t_kim! It was definitely "grueling" to raise my now 6 year old kid. But, I think my son was a blessing and inspiration to actually make me work harder. My work, my newbie interior decorating, side projects all seem to be a reflection of my son. I'm serious. :)
Kayle amer
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