where are you networking these days?

David Barneda
47 replies
twitter, linkedin, facebook groups, github, devto, behance, producthunt, indiehackers, medium, komunity, clubhouse, IG, twitch, contra, bumblebizz, zoom, xing, meetups, reddit, in person with a mask . . . what did I miss?


Brittany Salas
Virtual events followed by LinkedIn
Faizur Rahman
@tim_sourcery any specific group for SaaS founders?
Agrima Sharma
@tim_sourcery @faizur_rahman3 I have the same question. Any specific group for SaaS?
Alex Papageorge
LinkedIn and niche communities (that I've sought out)
Eileen Simons
@singhanurag which Slack groups? I would love to know more about it
Hwei Oh
Slack, IndieHackers and virtual MeetUps!
Slava Bobrov
Eventbrite events, Slack
Dennys Dionigi
Clubhouse, seems way cool.
Martin Delobbe
Slack or discord communities
Bilal Chaglani
LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and exploring clubhouse lately
Ronak Kadhi
Twitter and Slack, sometimes lunchclub too (but rarely)
Gurpinder Singh
Its LinkedIn and Instagram for me.
Betty Withrow
Blitzr.com Speed networking with high energy people.
Feyzan A.
Oops! I was going to add Discord, but it's already mentioned above :)
Daniel Engels
I heard tons of good things on Polywork and would like to learn more!