What are your predictions for our post-virus world?

David Barneda
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Are you optimistic?


Gabriel Bujold
I believe that, like everything in life, the world will have to adapt. Jobs, economy, family life, etc.; everything will change to get through this situation. The environment has been a hot topic for many years, but still not the first preoccupation of the world. The COVID-19 might be the event that will make us realize that we can still save the Earth's future. At the same time, I'm unsure if the mindset will change, but I'm optimist that we will see changes across the globe. The house will be placed at the center of everything, and a lot more organizations will promote remote work.
I think this will change most of the people to the better because they will appreciate their freedom and health.
Ștefan Prohnițchi
Well, there are two options that are possible and a lot of variations between them. One option is that governments will happily take all control they can and will never release it back again. Control of the food supply, social interactions and health, just like it's depicted in "V for Vendetta". Totalitarian society with a permanent war on terror. The other option is that hyperinflation will disrupt all things that we are used to. We'll find more rational use of our energy, creativity and time to solve real problems. TV and stocks will receive less attention. Planet, wildlife and ecology will receive the respectuous attitude that they deserve. People will find their purpose in life and will share freely the talents that they were born with. This video is an idealized presentation of that kind of society:
David Barneda
Is it RIP for shaking hands? 🤝
David Barneda
Will there be automatic temperature scans (in the same way as you go through a metal detector before getting on a flight) for entering a crowded space (concert, shopping mall, movie theater, transport?)