What would you build on a free 1 page website?

Robin Gandy
4 replies
Launching a free 1 page website plan for our website builder. What are some features you would like to see? We have WYSIWG design, as well as the option to design in "responsive" mode. Templates will include link pages, contact pages, and landing pages. Putting the power in your hands! What would you do with a free 1 page website?


Sharath Kuruganty
I'm interested to see some pre-populated illustrations as a library so that I don't have to search and add manually. Also, another cool feature is to support creators who have a large presence on social platforms. Treat like linktree type templates.
Robin Gandy
@5harath That's great! Yes we will have a few linktree-like templates so thats awesome. Appreciate the feedback!
Just a landing page to collect leads.