What's a website builder feature you can't live without?

Robin Gandy
4 replies
In your experience, what features in a website builder make building websites that much easier? What's a design tool you love? What is your favourite shortcut?


Alexey Shashkov
Hey Robin, I'm curious, too=)
separate content from styling. Softr does a good job in it. Using templates to reduce non-UX person's mental stress on making things beautiful, and let me focus on the real information I want to pass to users.
Amanda Trincher
I love ready-made solutions and blocks. This is where the whole benefit and speed of developing a site with the help of such tools lies. You can find a good part of the site and just customize it. But it does not give unique solutions. For example, agencies like https://www.fivecube.co/ can develop something unique and it always attracts