Tips for successful email re-engagement?

Robin Gandy
2 replies
What are your tips for when you launch new product and want to re-engage past customers?


Sharath Kuruganty
This is a great question. It's a little tricky to reengage but consistent communication makes it organic and authentic. Some tips: 1. Provide value first and ask later - I wouldn't drop the news of launching a new product, instead try to add value to past customers. 2. Try to narrate a story of why you are doing the new product - people love stories. 3. Give some discounts or show your gratitude for their support 4. Ask for feedback instead of saying try my product 5. Highlight social proof you got for the product - people buy from other people.
Justin McLeod
Make past customers feel exclusive by offering them access to your new product before you launch it publicly. Since they're already familiar with you, it will be easier to transform your past customers into new customers by emailing them some exclusive offers (i.e. discounts, giveaway, free trial, claim your username, etc.) I created a course on email marketing that you can check out here: