Do you think no-code custom website building is getting better?

Robin Gandy
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I'm wondering people's thoughts on website builders and how they are evolving for developers, designers, and DIY people who really have little website building experience. Do you think web design is changing?


I think it's getting better yes, back in 2010 / 2015 it's was painfull. It's better for people who don't code, for thoses who can develop it's just pain in the a** and (I think, you can change my mind) will always be. Anyway, web is evolving so fast, which is good for everybody, let's see what happen next :)
Victoria Melnikova
Yes, it does for sure! My friends use webflow and the results are crazy good. for example:
Germanas Latvaitis
Ohhh yeah, it's getting better. But these tools kinda existed for a while now. I remember building my first website with Macromedia Dreamviewer in 2005. It was the first no-code website builder I used, and there were still a lot of other tools It's always evolving but it's not here to take away jobs from developers, custom development will still be needed. Even though I do my own websites, I always recommend using no-code builders for others when you need to go to market fast.
Alisa Smelkova
Definitely YES! In our team all marketing sites is build by designers in webflow. Check it out: