What words should I use 4 product managers ?

Khalid M.
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I'm a technical founder targetting PMs and want to know how I should better word some of my features. I built a search bar that lets your users search for shortcuts, guides, and help articles, all without leaving your app. Like the one on SuperHuman & VimCal. These are the words I'm using. 1. Commands - shortcuts to your features like changing theme, or navigating user to page. 2. Guides - these are tooltip guides used for feature walkthroughs 3. Articles - help articles or support docs.


Khalid M.
Just an fyi, commands can contain guides. They are used to either teach users how to do something or automatically do it for them.
Ben Cotte
Hey Khalid 👋 I've been working in product for a few years now, and yes, to me the words you use are perfectly understandable. I tried to elaborate a bit more with audio messages here: https://www.vero.fm/page/recrkRf... Hope that helps, Cheers,
Junior Owolabi
simple to understand, although I may be biased because I'm a tech writer and tech lead