What are some reasons why you wouldn't want SuperHuman for your app ?

Khalid M.
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I'm working on searchegg.io, which lets you add a command palette like superhuman to your app. I've been focusing on so many reasons to use it, but I want to hear some contrary opinions.


Khalid M.
If you don't get the superHuman reference, I would describe the product as a search bar that lets your users search for shortcuts and guides in your app.
Julius Bachmann
maybe i want to limit options to make the user experience more guided / single track. we are building a productivity tool that uses coaching questions: many of the questions we use make sense in a particular sequence. ( check it at jrny.coach ) for us, commands at your finger tips are not adding value
Khalid M.
@julius_bachmann That is a very valid reason. Thanks for sharing ! And good luck on jrny.coach. it looks really promising !