Product Managers: What are your top 3 problems you tackle at work?

Khalid M.
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What are the top 3 issues that you constantly worry about in your day to day at your job?


Khalid M.
They can be as vague as "feature adoption" or more specific.
Qudsia Ali
I believe the top three problems are the Overwhelming Time Constraints, the Temptation of Being Reactive Instead of a Proactive Product Manager, and Changing Market Dynamics Impacting Product Management.
Lucile Rivière
Nice question. I'd say: - Finding the right rythme between the discovery & delivery phases (=> Having a structured & time-framed discovery period vs. being able to estimate much time delivery will take) - "Reducing" the target vision of a feature to its MVP scope - Finding the right balance (as a team) between working on too many projects and not enough
Junior Owolabi
In my previous role (which I was at for 8 years), I left in February this year, it was an Enterprise, I was a full-time PM for 2 products, QA Engineer, Lead Software Developer, 3rd Customer Support Engineer and Technical Writer. So, prioritizing tasks, features, meetings, customer support, doing dev tasks, etc. are my top problems. I bet you are wondering how I did all that at the same time, well I worked 80 hours a week but was only paid for 40 (in a Mid-level developer's salary).