What was your first product you bought online?

Nabeel Amir
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Many of us made our first purchase a very long time ago. Do you remember what the first thing you purchased online was? What was it, and what made you buy it?


Ivan Burban
I do not remember for sure, but I'm sure it was a gift for mom. something that was impossible to buy in the city where I was born
Nabeel Amir
@ivan_burban That's great. thank you for sharing.
Good question, I actually don't know but I guess it was either an iOS app (Tweety) or a DVD (Trainspotting). Or maybe something way back than 2008. What about you @nabeel_amir?
Nabeel Amir
@keeev If I remember clearly then I guess I bought a cd-rom with Infocom adventure games on the Internet in about 1996 which was shipped from USA to my country.
Peter agar
I believe I originally purchased an external hard disc on the internet 10-11 years ago.
Alex gleen
Clothing! I saw a lot of great outfits in the the clearance sale and purchased them.
jonny vince
The first thing I bought was a new Seagate hard drive from ebay. I can’t remember the cost but it arrived exactly as described and was well packed.
Sophia Emma
My first online purchase was only a few years ago, and I ordered a pair of shoes that arrived in the wrong size, so I decided not to repurchase shoes online.
Nabeel Amir
@sophia_emma Buying shoes online is not that bad, but a lot of people face size issues while purchasing online because every company has its own size chart.
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
Bus tickets! I usually always went to buy them at the bus station, but one day I discovered a nice and convenient international bus service online and bought the tickets from them. I was so satisfied with the ride that I continued using the service for years Maybe there was another online purchase that happened before this one, but this is the one that is highlighted in my memory:)