What was your favourite announcement from Apple's WWDC?

Lisa Dziuba
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Hello friends πŸ‘‹ I loved WWDC Keynote and for me, the best new feature was LiveText for iOS 15, where you can identify text from your photos. Also, the macOS update was unbelievable - Universal Control 😏 What did you love most? P.S.: It's so exciting to see how Apple is developing its product line across all the categories and getting more and more user needs covered.


Lisa Dziuba
Apple Maps AR navigation is awesome as well, they look like Game of Thrones visuals
Lisa Dziuba
Also, with new Privacy Protection :) What will happen with SendGrid and Mailchimp now?
Lisa Dziuba
@adiatlov macOS update impressed me more! I think, macOS 12 Monterey is a huge step forward, both for tech folks (designers, developers, product managers) and average users. Using Universal Control and drag & drop will make workflow much faster, especial when you deal with many files or work on several screens. And Xcode Cloud CI/CD + TestFlight will speed up the whole macOS development.
Ben Libor
This all's pretty unexciting for me considering we're talking about the biggest company in the world and developments of Chinese techs these days. Just my X cents
Lisa Dziuba
@bnjmnlbr by the way what Chinese tech excited you most right now? I might just don't know about it))
Ben Libor
@lisadziuba I missed this. For me it all started with this podcast episode last summer https://open.spotify.com/episode... write me a mail if this got you excited and we exchange more resources, benjamin.libor@gmail.com There's great studies, decks, papers...some folks do the effort and screenshot whole products before manually translating buttons and other UI elements to get a feeling etc.
Lisa Dziuba
Also, for developers, Swift concurrency and Xcode Cloud is very cool.
Velu Loganathan
Sharing health and wellness data, Walking Steadiness.
Manish Rawat
Excited about Apple Wallet, I like the digital id concept hopefully it becomes global soon.
Siddhesh Lokare
Safari tab groups is something that I found really interesting. I was using that feature on Microsoft bing but I guess Apple has tick-marked that too. Focus feature is also a good addition for personalizing what apps or services to block depending on different timelines of your day! In a nutshell, from the developer's and privacy end, these updates are good enough for iOS 15.
Md Amaj Uddin Ahammed
Apple privacy protection for different apps. It’s better idea for all apple users.
Vladimirs Matusevics
I am personally excited about SharePlay and what we will be able to build using Group Activities.