📹 What product or marketing Conferences & Online Events are you planning to attend?

Lisa Dziuba
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Please share useful events in the product/marketing/makers/design/dev areas, which you think worth attending. Just recently I attended Product Marketing Festival from Product Marketing Alliance and it was neat. Most of the topis were about user segmentation, buyer persona, GTMs, team management. And while I knew all that, still it was a very nice refresher, especially because speakers shared their practical experiences. Looking to attend more cool (and practical) events, which others ppl from PH community like!


robiul haque
looking for some dress and new product hunting is ahead i guess
Máximo Manuel Mendoza López
@lisadziuba I highly recommend ProductCon!!! It is happening next week on the 24th, and it is one of the best conferences I have seen for product people! https://productschool.com/produc...
Lisa Dziuba
@fajarsiddiq shame on me! when it will be? is it the same as hacking festival?
Mayank Mishra
Hi Lisa, you should probably checkout & attend this event from SLACK to boost your productivity. https://www.poppins.me/post/incr...
Lisa Dziuba
@mishra_mayank are you planning to talk more about your product or share productivity tips while working in Slack? 🙃
Mayank Mishra
@lisadziuba depends on the questions asked by Slack folks :) I'm guessing it'll be a healthy mix of both with few other things.
Hey @lisadziuba Since you mentioned marketing in your question. Would you be interested to attend an event in the digital marketing space? The Agency Summit by Agorapulse. It’s all happening on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021.
Grisel Dugarte
OMG so many ahead, would love to see some responses here. They are many events that would stay digital, any specific suggestions for SaaS B2B??
I am also looking for suggestions on which events (virtual and physical) to attend. We are a SaaS provider who just launched our first product on Product Hunt today. This thread is really interesting and I am able to pick some great pointers. Some of the events that we targeted were CES 2020, IMPACT 2022. Guess, learning from the community is the best part about this platform. Would love to learn your observations on our launch (we hunted it ourselves). Would be great if you can check it out and let me know your thoughts.