What metrics are you tracking in your company/startup?

Lisa Dziuba
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Because “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.”


Bilal Chaglani
Being a SaaS company, my favourite metric to track is "MRR". Apart from this I also keep a watch on Churn, Accuracy of our NLP Engine, Number of messages being sent and received, and Cost of Acquisition (only when a new marketing channel is initiated).
Lisa Dziuba
@bilal_chaglani thanks for sharing! I always keep track on MRR and my CAC. Also, I have set of in-product metrics, which I check weekly.
The metrics I'm tracking is number of backlinks generated in a month & revenue generated via organic growth in a month comparing it with last year and last month.
We track time with TMetric.
Lisa Dziuba
@soylakate TMetric? never heard of it
Alexander Diatlov
@soylakate @lisadziuba Also, for service businesses or freelance agencies, it's a key metric. Totally agree with @soylakate on this.
Lisa Dziuba
@soylakate @adiatlov I'm not telling that tracking time is bad 🤷‍♀️ It does not always show the results you are achieving. Edit: for example, we spent XX hours on the Product Hunt launch. The metric to track here would be #feedback received, #new users, #website traffic. Calculating time is useful but it doesn't show result outcomes for PH launch.
Alexander Diatlov
CAC LTV # of Leads (MQLs, SQLs) Burn rate 🔥
Rachel Hayes
We are presently tracking: -Number of people who have been hired in the last year -Revenue we forecasting for the next quarter/year -How many active users we currently have, and how that is growing over time. -How much content we are able to push in a month.
Nabila El Bouzari
Hello @lisadziuba, At Plezi we track the following metrics : Marketing : -MQL's -SQL's -Clients with an origin from the marketing team Sales : -New opportunities -New Clients CSM : -Number of clients -Churn And on a corporate level : MRR and Revenue :) The marketing team, that was implementing an Inbound / content strategy had to get there step by step - we started with traffic and lead generation and made our way up to MQL's and new clients. We actually released Plezi One on PH today, to help marketers get started. Would love to have your expert feedback on it !