What type of NFTs are people making right now?

jenny andros
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Has the interest for profile picture NFT started to weaken? Are people more interested in utility?


Mark Jameson
I think profile pictures like Bored apes are done. There was too much fake hype by celebrities. I see most long term companies investing in long term utility project. I saw this released this week https://yorkpedia.com/2022/03/07... I wrote an article on it. https://medium.com/@johnlewisinc...
Michael Silber
The frenzy has subsided, but I think PFPs will stick around. I just don't necessarily believe that we're going to see the crazy prices of last year return. This doesn't really cross into utility yet, except among bagel-loving New Yorkers into crypto, but I appreciate this project documenting and reviewing bagels. I definitely see it more as an a performance art piece. https://everythingiseverything.nyc/ How might this have utility? 🤷🏼‍♂️ The artist suggests that there might be some future where "the model will emerge for online reviewers akin to what has happened for artists."
Nikola Dimitrov
Anyone could explain me does it worth to make or buy NFT's really? 🤔
John Patrick Hinek
Not releasing myself (although I wish I thought of it first), but I love the concept of MetaBirkins. Mason Rothschild has done a great job at branding and marketing them--to the point that their prices matches or exceeds the price of actual Hermes Birkins. Will be interesting to see if this makes luxury brands jump into the NFT space.
Lina Chu
Seems like just a lot of monkeys lol.