What to do on product launch day?

Rishi Raj
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Ruben Wolff
Share your launch on your social media (indiehackers, twitter, linkedin...) and contact your Asian and European connections first, as they will be the only ones awake on launch time, and then get ready to answer every comment and DM as fast as you can, be available for the people interested or curious about your product
Velu Loganathan
Keep an eye on your server/app logs. Also look at real-time users via analytics.
Matthew Johnson
I'd block the day off, and spend all of it talking with people in the comments, or on Twitter about the launch. Think of new places and communities you can share it in, and make sure your audience and users are engaged on launch day. We have a checklist with what to do before, on, and after launch day that might help: https://taskablehq.com/templates...
@mattcrail cheers for sharing that template! We're about to launch this week and this is very helpful!
Lia Reich
@mattcrail Thanks - templates like this are great reminders prepping for launch
Mayank Mishra
PH launch day will be very busy, prepare in advance for the obvious things like FAQ's, materials, people and allocate proper time for each. prepare a to-do list with the team, you can use Poppins on slack for that and assign tasks to individuls.
Jeremy Bradley
Communication is key! Stay in touch with as many people as you can; answer as many questions and comments as possible; keep an eye on analytics and respond accordingly.
Anand Radhakrishnan
Hey! we just launched on PH today...hop over and show us some love 🥰
Natalie Karakina
Think what unique you can give to Hunters (think about your product)
Siddhesh Lokare
Think about what value my product can add to the PH community and stay prepared for all types of questions!
TanahAir Studio
Monitoring the launch? Share to social media?... I'm have no clue