How to verify the product is market fit before its launch?

Rishi Raj
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Anton Ross
A survey in social networks. Website for the prototype before the start of development
Ruben Wolff
Beta testing and requesting feedback from the early users :)
Inna Proshkina
Launch a direct marketing campaign landing them to a prototype website or a webinar registration page. Then collect feedback through a survey or an interview.
Julia Doronina
Make a survey, ask people in FB groups
You don't ... not for sure. The standard solution to this is to *launch* an MVP, and use that to *estimate* viability.
David J. Kim
Well whatever you are doing you should be showing users something. Superhuman has an excellent framework for their path to PMF:
Eric Sales De Andrade
Yeah I've read from YC that you likely have achieved PM fit if growth is NOT your problem but keeping up with demand is