What is important for a successful product?

Rishi Raj
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The most important is - 1. Great team 2. Consistency 3. Dedication 4. Trust between founders 5. Survival instinct. We at Due.work has created our culture & team in similar way.
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A successful product depends on many things like the concept, how efficiently it is made, marketing team , future-friendliness, User Interface, etc
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A successful product is predominantly shaped and affirmed by what the market says it wants.
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Difficult question? can go on or hours. Sorry but that is the truth. we just launched on PH today do check us out.
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1. One that solves a real problem. + 100s of other things.
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I believe successful products are never created by accident and there are certain factors that contribute to their tremendous popularity. The primary factory is of course, how the product works, its ease of use, design, etc. However, many entrepreneurs forget the undeniable role of customer service in making or breaking a product. Customer support software (https://www.proprofsdesk.com/cus...) can help you manage all product-related queries in one place and delight custom