What's your take on a business model like OnlyFans but for Entrepreneurs?

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The idea is, that you subscribe to a person(builder) and get access to all the products that builder has built or going to be built for free/discounted price (or whatever the terms described). I've seen something like this on Github where developers/organizations sponsor other developers to contribute to open source projects. It is like rewarding the coder for doing the open source community work. There is also a similar like model on patreon where edu-creators create content in several niches and viewers should subscribe to see all those videos. It is more like betting on a person rather than on a specific content/product. What if the same business model was applied on a builder who's building several consumer products? (This may sound stupid, but I'm going to ask anyway) Love to hear your thoughts from the builder's POV and consumer's POV.


Daniel Engels
there might be a place for such platform, indeed. However, I don't think this format has huge potenital. The same developer might make projects in completely different domains. So the chances consumers need multiple projects from the same developer aren't high. On the other hand, I'd like to see some B2C analog of AppSumo. A platform with limited launch offers of B2C software and produts.
I think that's a great idea! In this diagram, you should also include organization and company accounts, because it's not just individual creators.
I would never pay for that. There is already too much useful information on another sites. If OnlyFans is famous, it is precisely because "performers" (euphemism) post there things that you will not find anywhere else.
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OnlyFans' mission is to provide a platform for creators to earn money by sharing content with their subscribers. It has a significant influence on the content creation industry, providing a new way for creators to earn money, and has disrupted traditional models such as advertising and sponsorships. The platform has sparked discussions about the intersection of technology, economics, and sexual expression. OnlyFans content is DRM protected and is not meant to be downloaded, which protects the privacy and contents of the contributors largely. (digested from: https://www.dvdfab.cn/downloader...)