What's your favourite tool you've used as a founder?

Richard Fang
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Mine is Canva - it has helped me build whitepapers, logos, branding material, video related media and more. What's yours?


Josh Sebastian
Hey Richard, cool topic! Canva is fantastic - a designers best friend. We just launched Tapkit today, it's just like Canva with its creative freedom, full customisation and built in designer widgets, graphics and templates, but allows you to create interactive links - great for bio links, QR, and more - surface across your mobile marketing touchpoints. I'd love to get your feedback! ❤️ Miro - Realtime whiteboards.
Akel Jounes
I think in termS of UX experience Balsamiq is a great tool accessible to anyone with no experience . User friendly you will be able to visualise your idea and have a better clarity and visibility when speaking to your devs.
Ionut Ciuta
We used Trello a lot for planning work and keeping a tab on all the things we had to do. It use to have a more freemium feel to it before the Atlassian acquisition. I still use Trello a lot for my personal projects and even for creative work. Trello is JIRA if it were actually designed for human beings.
Paco vera
@johnofardeal Hi! I invite you to try my last productivity tool, is called, wisepath.io, feedback is very welcome!
Maxim Frostman
@johnofardeal Agree, Trello is much more suitable for small teams like ours for example. Jira is a bit too sophisticated for the most
Richard Fang
@johnofardeal Yeah we actually use Trello for our team of 4. I use it to manage my own life as well hahah
Chandan Das
Hubstaff and google drive
Zoya Matin
@chandan_shopify Google drive is legit a life saver - nothing like it
Natalie Karakina
Hi, Richard! Mine is Notion (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). Love their design, can't stop using it.
Daniela Passos
@nataliekarakina true dat. Notion is amazing both as a founder, to organize work, and to organize our personal lives.
Aleks Miric
Notion & Veed.io
Richard Fang
@a_m4 Oh damn Veed looks like something I should have used to edit my Youtube channel instead of spending months learning Adobe premiere haha
Artem Khromov
Notion and Figma 😍 It's like chalk and cheese compared to what I've used before - Confluence/Evernote, Illustrator, etc
Richard Fang
@artkhromov I've been using Figma recently and I wish I discovered earlier. I thought it was mainly used for UX/UI people but I've been using it for marketing as well!
Elena Vlasova
Oh, the canvas is just great. I'm thrilled
Alexander Doak
Sorry it's not sexy, but: Google Sheets. Or Excel. With the right understanding of what is possible, you can build little custom modules/functions/scripts that integrate seamlessly with your workflows, thereby rendering 90% of modern SaaS platforms obsolete. Now, they don't scale as robust database solutions, but they are the perfect way to prototype your architecture and capabilities, getting to an MVP within weeks or even days. The transition to a serious DB backend can be undertaken later, and with a fully functioning prototype you can use to create all your dev stories.
Sydney Cohen
raycast is something I use on a daily basis. I've created my own scripts and shortcuts to make my actions more productives: https://www.producthunt.com/post.... Shout out to @thomaspaulmann
Barry Ruggles
Crisp for demos and interactions with the customers as they land on the website
Marty Runkle
@barry_ruggles I have used this to do my instant demos and my team and I loved it as well. They really have an amazing product.
Richard Fang
@barry_ruggles Crisp looks cool! How does the demo feature work?
Adrian Hülsmann
We have a lot of startup customers that use edelsprint for managing their projects with Scrum in order build great products. So far, we always received great feedback, so you might check out our solution as an alternative to Jira, Trello etc. :) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Amit yadav
Moss.sh Literally changed the way I manage VPS for own websites.
Joel Schneider
My top 3 in terms of UX 😍 - Notion (Notion 2.0) for Wiki + Task Management - Figma (Figma 2.0) for UI mockups, marketing creatives, and even presentations - Miro (RealtimeBoard 2.0 (Miro since 2019)) for remote workshops, flow diagrams and high level concept drawings
For "goplan.online" we use: - Figma for brainstorming, mockups, usability test - Creately for diagrams and mindmaps - Jira for tasks and process It sounds like I should check out Notion...
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
Trello - it was my holy tool to manage everything with Kaban and Agile.