Have you ever been burnt out? If so, what happened and what did you do to swing back into things?

Richard Fang
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I was having a personal discussion with one of my close friends about this today and would love to see some personal stories from the PH community on this one!


Roberto Robles
It's not common, but the last time it happened, I took a full weekend off and went a small trip with my wife. Came back Monday ready to keep going 👌
Wael Khattar
Early on in 2018 when I first started Anachron I was working as a bartender, a restaurant consultant, a tutor and building Anachron. I burnt out after around 9 months of working 15h+ a day. My productivity plummeted, I couldn't keep my eyes open at times when I needed to work. Today I manage my energy a lot better, I take at least a day off a week where I don't do anything related to work. Whenever I feel tired I manage to take the day off or at least work slowly, regenerate and then start again. It's a marathon not a race and that's something I've learned the hard way.
Richard Fang
@wael_khattar1 Love this comment Wael. This is exactly what I do today as well - I always leave a gap in the week to take some time off
Jack Davis
I took a full week off and knew that I would be ready on the Monday when I returned. I think it is actually good to take time off when you need to recharge!
Deepankar Bhade
This has happened 3times in 1.5 years and each time it gets solved by taking a break I would watch some web-series , read books , plan things in that time. In my latest break i watched "Silicon Valley" and i was back to working in 4days. 🚀
Yes, just like all the above comments, my best solution to a burnout is a complete rest and break from the routine. My breaks have been anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks.
Julia Doronina
As for me, I am trying to relax, travel and spend time with my family