What's your favourite email app right now?

Lalit Pandey
54 replies
For me, it's Spark on both laptop and phone. I love the UI and the swipe gestures that it comes with


Gleb Braverman
I enjoy using Superhuman - it's the best email app for me so far.
Lalit Pandey
@gleb_braverman Okay. So it's really worth what people say.
Kate Middle
Gmail is faster I think. What app always work and don't miss notifications?
Hamza Javed
Superhuman is pretty dope
Manish Rawat
Microsoft Outlook coz I have been using it for a long time
I’ve been using Proton Mail for a few months. Easy to use and works well ✅
HEY email for sure!
JD Dos
I have been using !ProtonMail for a few weeks! It's incredible.
Lalit Pandey
@skyler_reeves What do you like the most about it?
I still Gmail, havent tried others email apps, but Outlook is good too with tons of features and integrations!
For email marketing, we use SendinBlue a new tool we discovered on ProductHunt itself :) In their paid plan they have launched a CRM which on the face of it looks really a good strategy to counter the likes of Pipedrive and so on.. which are increasingly coming into the space of end to end lead management for sales people
Lalit Pandey
@nilova_pande Every email marketing platform tries to be complete marketing CRM at some point. Follow the footsteps of Mailchimp.
CA Mitesh
What is Spark email app?
I have recently started using Thunderbird, pretty good ngl
Lalit Pandey
Yes, Thunderbird is great but I am more of an aesthetic person.
Алевтина Амельченя
Gmail mail completely suits me. Pleased with everything
Lalit Pandey
@new_user_140b6789bb Great. I cannot use Gmail somehow but end up coming back to it every once in a while.
Kirill Gorokhov
Using Front but it has its pros and cons :/ Not 100% happy with it.
Lalit Pandey
@kirillgorokhov Superhuman seems like the most popular choice here. Why don't you try that?
Anand Radhakrishnan
Hey we just launched on PH today...hop over and show us some love 🥰
Lalit Pandey
@websitestoolz What's the product? Drop your link here.
Anand Radhakrishnan
@lastyprsfe websitestolz is a saas product. we have 24 different widgets with call to action for every online business. Social proof being the key product for ecommerce. The product launch should go live anytime now. unfortunately PH doesnt allow to add link in messages due to self promotion. Just look up WebsitesToolz
Lalit Pandey
@nataliekarakina Just checked out Gmass. Looks great. Does it serves the purpose of bulk email sending as well?
I've tried just about every email app available for Mac and none of them have beat Superhuman. Clean and easy to use.