What is that one app you can't live without?

Lalit Pandey
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Lalit Pandey
For me, it's Franz. I found it on product hunt and it serves everything I need. Yes it eats RAM a lot and the UI is not that great but it gets things done for me.
Lalit Pandey
Facebook for work or as such?
Leah Angles
For me, it's Spotify. Cause I can't imagine life without music...
Muhammed Ibrahim
"Wylo" One of the best app for finding likeminded people.
I think Youtube!
TMetric, Spotify, Pinterest. Sorry, I have three!
Lalit Pandey
What do you use Tmetric for? Spotifly is a lifesaver for me as well. The writing playlist by @shapiro is so helpful whenever I am writing.