I am doing free header copywriting for your product. Drop the links.

Lalit Pandey
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I will be doing free copywriting for all the product links that you post by Saturday 8 PM IST & will be providing feedback as well.


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Curious what you will come up with - https://trynext.so
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I'm a side hustle addict.
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@sidehustleswipe I couldn't understand the product. Please elaborate.
I'm a side hustle addict.
@lastyprsfe I suppose the idea that you aren't able to understand the product is an issue we'd be interested in resolving. Side Hustle Swipe is Tinder for side hustles.
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https://www.geniussheets.com curious your thoughts on our launch page copy while your at it too!
Writing, Marketing and learning.
@trevor_lee Spreadsheet Add ons to add value to your Quickbooks. Genius Sheets helps you visualize your Quickbooks data directly in Excel and Google sheets with simple to use dynamic formulas.
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