What's your favorite brand and why?

Paul VanZandt
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I want to hear what your favorite brand is - it could be in business, tech, retail, anything! Let me know why you like them so much as well 😁 My favorite brand is Filson - it's a clothing company from my hometown Seattle, and it makes some really nice rugged outdoor gear.


Sergio Zaciu
Criterion Collection: love their respect for classic cinema, artistic preservation and how seriously they treat everything from Blu-ray packaging, published essays, interviews with filmmakers, collaborations with talented poster artists, to the programming slate on their streaming service (Criterion Channel)
Nabeel Amir
It's hard to pick a favorite brand among my many favorites, but maybe that's because I've never let any one brand define who I am. Brands can be useful insofar as they help you recognize that their product or service will likely meet your needs and expectations. But brands aren't your identity—and that means you're under no obligation to remain loyal to only one particular one.
Paul VanZandt
@nabeel_amir I totally agree, it's important to stay independent and separate what you want from what brands want you to do. This is a good way to stay grounded!
Ordefy And this is the reason I added it on PH :)
Paul VanZandt
@g_sanjna If you don't love your own brand then nobody will 👏
Dylan Merideth
Birch Bender pancakes!!!
Paul VanZandt
@dylan_merideth Looks delicious - might have to try it out soon!
Sean Song
Nike, just do it. Why? Because I have red the book .
Paul VanZandt
@seansong Customers love to associate with Nike - it's one of the reasons they're so successful.
Terrell Green
Walmart- No matter your beliefs, race, gender, religion, sexuality, income level, its the one brand that I've seen unite all at some point lol.
Paul VanZandt
@forehandstrike This is some really good reasoning - I appreciate you sharing!
Елена Косоногова
My favorite brand is Sleeper, which makes handmade silk and linen pajamas that you can sleep in as well as go to the office. The idea of unusual clothes was born when one of the company's founders watched the American Christmas classic "Curly Sue" and saw the outfit of the main character, played by Grey Allison. It looked great as pajamas and as an outfit. The clothing company was launched despite political unrest in Ukraine, minimal capital and no experience in the fashion industry. I admire this company and their founders! For me it is something of a personal inspiration.