What's your biggest challenge with SaaS User Onboarding?

Carsten Pleiser
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User Onboarding is my #1 focus at Paperless.io at the moment. It's one stage I experiment the most with. What's your biggest challenge?


Elena Cirera
In self-service Onboarding, if your product is complicated and the user is less capable, it will be challenging to manage the whole process.
Jason Grills
Besides the fact that the client may have no knowledge whatsoever about how a SaaS tool might work, I believe that the other thing that bothers us is that what if the client is a pro at using the type of tools we sell. If the client knows the use of the tool well, they sometimes get easy disappointed in how the tool works during the onboarding process and may even leave during the same time.
flo merian
At Specify, the onboarding experience is *vital.* We're building an API that helps EPD teams set up design CI/CD workflows. Most users sign up, set up their pipeline, and never return. The pipeline is up and running, and "it just works." During this setup moment, we want users to reach their Aha moment as soon as possible. We made many iterations — and are still iterating! — to optimize it. The onboarding experience is what makes users fall in love with the product 💜