What's on your desk? (Aside from πŸ–₯️ and πŸ’». )

Jing Hu
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Still working from home. One thing my husband always complains is that how messy my desk is πŸ˜‚.. Following is a list of items on my desk: 1. a cuddle toy made by my mother in law 🧸 2. some books for the work πŸ“š 3. nerf gun πŸ”« 4. πŸͺž. and a set of LED red light... 😜 you probably don't know what's it for ... What about you? Anything quirky on your desk?


I found a solution for this situations. I placed a small bookcase next to my desk and I am placing every clutter in it. So they are always somewhere reachable where I sit, but not making clutter on my desk. I have lots and lots of pens, scissors, glue, rulers, my watercolor set, notepads, books, files, jewelry box...
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@begum_bayram haha I do the same! I have a three layers drawer from IKEA just to put all the small stuff
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Mouse, books and bottles
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@badshahekram bottles? 🍻🍻? 🀣
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A glass of water, a notebook stand (with my notebook, of course) :)
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@tyhitzeman very tidy I see :D