What Is The % Of Your Saving 🏦 Now In Your StartUp 🚀?

Jing Hu
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For startup that plans to raise fund I am just curious: * For those of who all in: from an investor's point of view, will this be considered a positive sign because this person believes in his/her idea? will you tell investors that you all in when you raise fund? * between 50 and 100%, not all in * between 0-50%, more than 0%. Myself is in this bracket. * 0% Let me know what is your thoughts behind in making the decision of how much money you'd put in your project. I am all 👂👂


Jeevan thomas koshy
Personally I havent exactly allocated capital as such, but since I am bootstrapped at the moment , I look at my savings as my runway. At my current burn rate (mainly personal expense) , I have a 3 year runway. I am doing my startup full time right now I am looking at running the startup for 1 more year atleast even if we see zero progress. So Technically I would be allocating 30% of my savings for the startup I guess.
Jing Hu
@jeevantk thanks for sharing! I am doing more or less the same, thought I do have separate accounts so that I can track exactly how much spent in the startup.
Sanskar Tiwari
I have not run ads yet all organic so 0% need to learn ads and go all in 👊🏽