Does Clubhouse Count As a Social Media?

Jing Hu
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The reason I am asking is because the UX of clubhouse always promote a very small group of people/club. And I have not yet see how it gives you a chance to be found if you have reached x amount of engagement rate within your network. (Correct me if I'm mistaken) Unlike IG, Youtube, etc. As long as you have good content, and people in your network engaged with that content, then you will also have the chance to be exposed to wider audience. So I am not sure if it should be called social media, or 1% Media 😜


Begüm Bayram
Well I dont have an account but if firm have ever found a way to make promotion on Clubhouse, it is social media now. Discord which is I think Clubhouse's main inspration has never been count as social media though.
yes, you can build a network
Ari Cohen
yes, since it still has the aspect of followers and clubhouse "influencers"/speakers