4 or 5 working days per week for your team?

Jing Hu
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Hi guys, I have been thought about what kind of employees benefit I could provide to my team... if I have one LOL (they are all part-time contract atm) I received this newsletter today, which some of you might seen this already. Iceland’s short work week trial declared an “overwhelming success” So would you like to implement 4 working days per week in your company?


Ruben Wolff
Here at corepo.org, depending on your tasks you can organize your work week the way you want. If you can do all of your weekly tasks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, good for you! As long as the job is done and that you show up for meetings, you're free to organize yourself the way you want (it's just slightly more complicated for devs when we ask them to fix one thing, etc)
Jing Hu
@rubenwolff thanks for the comment :) I agreed. It might be troublesome when it comes to bug fixing. And that means we'd have only 3 days in a week that we can do a release, like my team typically don't release on Friday, so we have fix things if the release went wrong. Definitely something to think about. What if we have someone on call just like we do for the devops?
Alice Rodgers
Love the idea and the report! thanks for sharing Iceland’s short work week trial declared an “overwhelming success”. I also heard about a 5-hours working day https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/11/... I would love to have 4 working days, but we are about to launch soon so we are far far away from 4 working days per week.
Jing Hu
@cn__katie Yea, I think the 4 working days won't be applicable to early stage startups like ours 😜😂 Good luck on your launch!
Iscu Andrei
I'd love to see a version of what @rubenwolff mentioned get implemented at my job. However, when you're in development, bugs, feature requests, emergency changes, etc. make it hard to have a well defined workload.
Ruben Wolff
@iscu_andrei absolutely, that's what I meant with my very last sentence, we might have requests for our developers way too many random times during the week for them to say like okay, I did enough for this week, let's take Friday off