What kind of digital products can B2B marketing agency create?

Nemanja Zivkovic
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The main task - to make Funky Marketing sustainable regardless of clients. So, by productizing services. I have ideas, I also have a couple of digital products, but I'm interested in the way you think. What would you create as an agency? p.s. if we exclude the courses, which are great, but I would avoid it


Darjan Hren
I've actually started to experiment with "micro-services" last week. CRO Audit: 10 min video of heuristic analysis, UX, UI,... similar like a teardown Technical SEO audit: I use a tool to check 200+ SEO related things and makes a +50 page report. Attention Map audit: 10 min video where I use a AI tool for generating attention/focus maps which I analyze Most are priced at $40 and work as a "lead magnet" in a way. Some can even be upgraded with automation or outsourced. --- B2B agencies can also sell systems and processes or rather playbooks for projects ex. making a website. Think of it as a step by step game that takes you through the whole project from getting client, first meeting questions, brief, strategy, contracts to the creative side of creating that website deliverable, handoff,... Playbooks can also be for teams etc. Another thing would be the templates and deliverables you create from your previous projects. Mockups of products and presentations could be just one thing. But this targets other agencies or even just designers. -- B2B as in other clients and companies could be again some kind of "do it yourself" guide or even how to create, hire for and run an internal design team,... --- What I'm also extending into and thinking similarly to you is YouTube. Live streaming and making video shorts of them for "side projects" like making an e-commerce store or a saas. It's a bigger step away from even wanting to have any client in the future. But I think you're already doing something like this?
Nemanja Zivkovic
@darjanhren those are nice! Tnx! Yes, we're publishing on YouTube and will do it more, especially with shorter videos (maybe not shorts, they require a recording for it, not just repurposing). I think we'll start with offering LinkedIn Growth Accelerator as a product next week (a 3-month work for a limited number of companies), and then an ebook, and it should lead to creating sort of a subscription-based content hub in the long run. I wanna try and make it sustainable without having
Marketing Spark
Something that solves a problem that your clients are experiencing, or a tool/service that would make your agency (and others) more productive.
Nemanja Zivkovic
@marketingsparkk I'm thinking of those, too, but it requires more investments than just simple solutions. But here's what I have in mind. Tnx @darjanhren for ideas. 1. B2B Linkedin Growth Accelerator for companies 2. Personal LinkedIn Growth - individuals 3. Resources We have a couple ready. I look at them as resources clients and peers need at every step in their buyers' journey - guides, processes, post templates, topics for inspiration in creating content, onboarding process, checklists, ebooks, examples, etc.. 4. Micro-services. For example, website conversion analysis and improvement suggestions, LinkedIn Profile analysis, and improvement suggestions, etc..
Aleks Basara
Anything related to Marketing control, Data Warehouse, Performance Dashboards could make a good revenue stream.
Fabian Maume
I think there is a lot of potentials to create free side products to help with promotion. For example I created some script to help with google shopping ads, and I'm preparing a new script for youtube ads. I'm also considering monetizing some of the automation templates I developed. I shared several templates openly for promotion purposes, like this one: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/... But I have 12 other templates waiting on shelf, which could be easily monetized. I want to experiment with this idea before the end of the year.
I work as a digital marketer and I'm in the process of putting together an instruction guide helping SMBs compete with large companies by improving their speed-to-lead. The guide will be a mixture of tools, pdfs and spreadsheets. Target market: family businesses and business coaches. Really if you are a DM'er you are only limited by your imagination... Good luck.
Eric Gilmore
Hi! I am new here and this is my first PH post. It is time-consuming to manually produce creative variations across many different sizes. However, the benefits are increased campaign performance across the board. I built a self-serve platform to empower designers to produce weeks worth of creative in minutes. The platform cascades creative changes across 40+ ad sizes instantly making it quick to implement variations. This allows designers to focus on designing once and not have to push pixels from nuanced size to size. You can save your own templates and populate with a spreadsheet to maximize the matrix of creative variations across many sizes.