What are your best LinkedIn branding tips?

Nemanja Zivkovic
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Let me give you the answers. Find out as much as you can about yourself and about whom you’re talking to before you start. Make sure you have the answers to these questions. Take as much time as you need and give as detailed answers as possible. ☑ Who are you? (not your name, but who you are as a person and professionally) ☑ What do you do? ☑ Whom do you serve? (you can serve yourself, you can serve the company, your goal, your clients ...) ☑ What do you want to do? Set your personal goal. ☑ What kind of experience do you want people to have when your name comes up? ☑ What do you want to achieve? ☑ Define the people you admire. Write down their names and research. Compare yourself to them and the way they did it. As you do this, recognize your uniqueness and value. ☑ What do you have to say? ☑ What do you want to be famous for? ☑ What could you teach others? What can you teach? ☑ What and when can you influence or what do you want to influence? ☑ What do you know that others in your industry do not know? ☑ What kind of content can you create and in what format? When you know that, there are a couple of things you need to understand. Answers you’ve just answered will help you find a balance between personal and professional. Don’t get to extremes with any of it. ➡ With getting too personal, you can go viral, get likes and followers, but it won’t result in getting more clients. It’ll result in people not wanna buy from you. ➡ On the other hand, if you get too professional, you won’t really connect with people and you won’t create relationships. You can’t create trust without going at least a bit personal. 👉Create and share content that will show that you have knowledge and experience, and, on the other hand, who you are as a person. 👉 Create a narrative, and tie it to the big change people are facing. 👉 Polarize people, piss them off, disagree - you gotta do that if you wanna get them out of their comfort zone. 👉 Keep a balanced content strategy that includes personal AND professional content. 👉 Engage with people - it’s more important than posting. 👉 Connect with already active people. And be persistent in sharing content at least 2x a week. If you’re serious about your growth, do it every day. Create a roadmap for yourself. Tell your story, help others, think in public, and people will follow. Now you should go and execute or ask questions if you have any. Happy to help and answer.


Fabian Maume
Mixing personal and professional content is an interesting idea.
Vedran Rasic
DUDE! Awesome list. ;)
Akriti Vyas
@ankita_singh14 I hope it may be useful for you :)
Nemanja Zivkovic
VistaCreate gathered all my answers in an article, in case you wanna read it. https://create.vista.com/blog/li...
Elena Cirera
Following are the best tips for LinkedIn branding - Contribute something of value to your target market. - Create engaging content. - Connect on a personal level, but keep it professional. - Choose Your Skills Strategically - Engage Meaningfully