15 scheduled Discovery Call in January with nearly ideal clients. Any questions?

Nemanja Zivkovic
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It's the 31st of January and happens to be the most successful month for me and Funky Marketing - we had more than 15 of them on the website, most of those calls with nearly ideal clients for us. We'd be able to get the clients for the whole of 2022 just based on January. I've recorded a video about it: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/z... We've added 2 questions to the Calendly form on the website: - Where did you hear about us? - Why do you want to work with us? Here's what we found out. 1. People coming from Google came through the guest posts where I was a guest (things related to personal branding, content distribution for someone's article), where I was a guest on other people's podcasts, or they found out about Funky Marketing Show in the search, resonated, and converted. 2. People coming from LinkedIn - the biggest batch. We got answers like "I got funk'd on LinkedIn" "I got Nemanja'd on LinkedIn" "I'm coming from after resonating with Nemanja's content on LinkedIn" "I saw you guys creating awesome content for a while, and now I need your service" A few explanations we got. "We asked around, we know that you are good at what you do and we think that you would be a great asset for us to help us get on the next level or create the foundation". 3. People and companies referring to us. We don't know directly most of them. They're following our content and consider us as equals. Those are great companies in the #demandgen, in #B2B tech space, and, by looking from the outside, you'd think that those companies are our competitors. In reality, we're referring clients to each other. Connecting to our peers on LinkedIn is getting us lots of recommendations (content is great). 4. Situation goes like this: I saw the great post in the feed, add the comment, me and the person posting go back and forth, I think it's a good topic for the Funky Marketing Show, we get into the conversation before the show and we figure out that they need help with something that we do and we become partners. Happens regularly! Based on all that, I've optimized the Pricing packages on our website. You can check it out. #FunkyMarketing is moving to more consultancy than implementation (still responsible for the results if we own the strategy and the process). But it didn't just happen. We've been there for a while! People think that relationship centric marketing is a buzzword. I think it is something that gathers all that we are doing - consultancy, implementation, training, workshops, Fractional/Interim CMO. Relationship centric #marketing is the umbrella. People I'm admiring say "you need to simplify things" and it's not what's working for our brand. Everybody else is simplifying it and they all sound and look the same! Damn! I've decided to go my way and focus on relationships and marketing done a bit differently, with a slice of funk. Be different No vanilla Polarize people Be brave We like to work with companies who are the same. Any questions? Keep it funky!