What is your favorite standup tool on Slack?

Eugene Hauptmann
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We’ve tried different tools internally and as our team grows, I’m looking to get a better insight on what standup tools are out there and how do you guys use them at your companies and teams.


Rashmi Gupta
Try Troopr, I am one of the maker so not eligible to share feedback :) but will share some details. Its quick to set up, fully customizable (questions, schedule, timezone, delivery, frequency, report format and more) and provide great insights to your team activity and engagement. It's connected with Jira, in case your team uses that. it's free for 14 days. Please checkout here www.troopr.ai. Do let me know if you have any questions :)
Elen Udovichenko
Geekbot works well for us ;)
Martin Delobbe
We used Standup Alice for a while which allows to make asynchrone standups and keep track of every dev's achievement but we dropped it since it was making the real standups less worth and no one was reading Alice's content. My two cents on that : it is worth using it if you have a dev team split on different time zone otherwise it's meaningless. Next to that, we are using Cycle app as a product management tool which is a new Jira with much more flexibility and fun :)
Eugene Hauptmann
@martin_delobbe1 Thanks Martin, we also found issues with different time zones. Curious if you managed to come up with a different approach for your use case?
flo merian
I enjoyed using Range app for Slack for a while. More recently, the team set up a workaround with Raycast for Teams, and it's blazingly fast, decision-oriented, and fun. Here's a quick 3-step tutorial on the setup we use to run async daily stand-up meetings in Slack How about you @eugenehp?